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Meeting rooms of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels available under request.

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Enjoy all the facilities of a fully equipped office meeting room, by hours.

Flexible locations for your office meetings, team building activities and celebrations.

Best spaces for one to one executive meetings, contract closures and in-person sessions.

Host workshops and seminars with small audience in a hygienic and secure hotel environment.

No office? No problem!

Get the most of the best space with the security of top hospitality.

Select when you want to host the meeting

Choose number of attendees

Decide extras and additional needs

Why now?

85% of workers that were forced to work remotely say would like to continue doing some form of remote work after COVID-19 pandemic.

98% of middle managers declare that they would rather meet in a five star hotel than in a shared meeting room.

35% of CEOs that see no productivity decrease during the alarm state say they will consider getting rid of office space permanently.

69% of executives think it would be safer to host a meeting in a hotel in 2020 than in hubs or business centres.





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